Youthful childrens multi-line kites – Novice multi-line kites – Intermediate to advanced multi-line kites


Youthful childrens single line flying kites – Novices single line kites – Intermediate single line kites – Advanced single line kites

What Type Of KITE Would You Like?

There’s two fundamental kinds of kite: single line kites that offer basic level and relaxed flying, and 2 or 4 line maneuverable kites, which are controlled through the flier inside a more active, connected, and sporting type of flying.

Just How Much Would You SPEND?

Cost depends upon size, complexity, materials used. A less expensive single line kite might cost under $20.00, a really large you could cost thousands! Two and 4 liners commence with basic levelOrfundamental kites at modest cost (and gratifaction) and may become a lot more complex, giving better performance, power, speed his or her cost increases.

HOW DURABLE Could They Be?

A typical concern from those who have had cheap kites from sources apart from kite shops, to obtain the kites: dont fly , dont last, aren[base ‘]t repairable! The majority of our kites are created by professional kitemakers who’re also professional kitefliers. They’re proud to supply quality, tested designs and directions for that simple and easy , safe utilization of their kites. We support them with offering you with education on flying along with a full repair shop. Kites are made to fly, not crash! If this sounds like happening the kite might be broken. Look into the site, the wind strength, the kite, the road and also the flier for necessary adjustments!


To really make it simpler to pick a kite , we rate our kites for easy flying and wind range.

Youthful CHILDREN. These kites are created to be easily handled by fliers lower to two years old , maybe with a few supervision from older helpers to begin. Filled with instructions and line.

NOVICE. These kites are simple to fly for novices regardless if you are 5 or 105 years of age! Filled with instructions and line.

INTERMEDIATE. Experience aids in these kites, usually because of size, set up, pull and gratifaction. Filled with instructions and storage bag. Lines are extra.

SKILLED/ADVANCED. Fundamental essentials kites which are difficult to fly. This maybe because of set up, launching, radical trick ability, power (= pull), low wind range or any other factors. Flying these kites without help or training from experienced kitefliers can lead to harm to the kites, property and also you! Filled with instructions and storage bag. Lines are extra.

WIND RANGE. The wind selection of a kite provides you with a concept of the minimum wind needed to fly, the utmost wind the kite will handle without possible damage and also the ideal range for the best flying. Light Breezes – 4 to 7 miles per hour / 7 to 12 kph Gentle Breezes – eight to twelve miles per hour / 13 to twenty kph Moderate Winds – 13 to 18 miles per hour / 21 to 30 kph Fresh Winds – 19 to 24 miles per hour / 31 to 40 kph Strong Winds – 25 to 31 miles per hour / 41 to 50 kph


You can go to us at a shop or call us by telephone, fax or email. Please be aware that any prices quoted listed here are in Nz Dollars. Divide the cost by 9 to sort out the GST tax content that is easy to remove for export. We are able to send export orders through the very affordable NZ Air Publish or air freight for bigger products or orders.


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