A Look at the Side Effects of Viviscal Extra Strength

One of the great fears that a lot of men have is losing their hair. Having a head full of hair is a sign of virility in men. It means they still can somewhat maintain their youthfulness. Therefore, men will do almost anything to ensure that they maintain their mane. Subsequently, a lot of manufacturers and suppliers are flooding the market with their various hair tonics, pills and solutions that are supposed to work wonders and grow healthy hair. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all these products don’t work. Some have side effects that are harmful. Here is a look at one of these products and the side effects.

One product is called Viviscal Hair Growth Vitamin supplement. The vitamin supplements are formulated scientifically with a complex called AminoMar. The product is made for men and women, and its job is to aid with thinning hair and induce the growth of healthy hair already existing. While this may certainly be effective in helping enrich the hair and follicles of the head, what other things does the product do? These are the some of the side effects of viviscal extra strength vitamin supplements.

  • There were people who participated in a study and reported that the supplements gave them headaches. The headaches were apparently of such intensity that the participants who got the headaches dropped out of the study.
  • Another complaint that was listed when taking the supplements was that they interfered with sleep. However, in all fairness, that particular complaint has not been validated across the board.
  • A third complaint was that some of the participants gained weight. More in-depth research is being conducted to conclude how true this is.

Many users of the Viviscal Hair Growth supplement have reported that the product has worked for them, despite any lingering side effects that may exist. It seems that it will take about six months, though, for a person to validate if the product indeed works for him or her. The product can be quite expensive, but there are ways of getting coupons online to ease the cost for the potential buyer. If interested further, visit the website, http://www.viviscal.com/for-men.

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