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Hydroponic Grow Boxes and Its Advantages

Hydroponics, or growing plants using water and no soil, is becoming a more and more popular gardening method. In particular, hydroponics is meant for growing plants in an enclosed area. Grow boxes typically make it easy for learners to study hydroponics with light, a nutrient system, growing medium and all others required for self-contained plant cultivation. But what exactly are the benefits of this unusual plant growth technique?

Considerable Convenience

Though pro gardeners can quickly put hydroponic grow box systems together from scratch, pre-packaged grow boxes will cut your setup and maintenance work in half. The basic difference among commercial grow boxes is the type of hydroponics system that was used: it could be passive or active. In active hydroponic grow boxes, nutrients are delivered to plants using a pump; in passive types, the growing medium feed the plants.

Speedier Growth

Maximized delivery of nutrients to plants will make them to grow faster by up to 50 percent faster and produce larger yields. Not soil but light, water and nutrients are the most vital elements that make plants grow. With hydroponic grow boxes, nutrients may be distributed regularly using a water solution that roots are soaked in, or through periodic flooding. Excess oxygen in growing mediums contribute to root growth stimulation. Therefore, plants no longer need to look for nutrients as they need to in soil. Rather, whatever energy is conserved can be spent on growth and fruit bearing.

Soil Issues Eliminated

Soil-borne pests and pathogens can delay plant growth through diseases they introduce. Hydroponically grown plants deal with less problems that have something to do with bugs, fungi and others similar. Growing mediums are not attractive to weeds, so there will be no undesirable plants that will compete for water and food. Non-uniform texture, bad structure, poor drainage and other similar issues cease to exist provided growing medium is maintained properly.

Environmental Advantage

With hydroponic box systems always reusing nutrient solutions, the need for water is considerably minimized if you compare it to the requirements of old-fashioned gardening. And as these systems are enclosed and nutrients mostly end up being utilized by the plants, there is little chance of fertilizers leaching into the environment. The indoor environment and soil-less growing medium also requires little, if any, use of pesticides. Topsoil erosion is automatically moot, considering that no topsoil is used.

A hydroponics setup indeed makes it so much easier to keep track of the variables required in crop production. There are even apps whose special features let you monitor your plants’ progress more efficiently. All of this allows you to stay in full control of your garden, all the way from seed-planting to harvest.

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