Great Possimiste – Who Are We Music

Possimiste – Who Are We


“Who Are We?” is the 4th single out of Possimiste’s debut album “Youniverse”. (

Possimiste finds herself in a jungle feeling that she is looking for someone or something she had lost. As she doesn’t have any idea of who this “someone” could be she decides to surrender to each charming creature she comes across. They all guide her way through the darkness until she meets a pre-teenage self: a young girl full of dreams and untouched by the “grown-ups’ world” . Possimiste feels that she has re-found the connection with her soul and promises to never let it go again.

“Who Are We?”

Directed by Yudi Suhairi and Possimiste

Produced by Daniv Veryana

Edited by Yudi Suhairi

Starring: Possimiste Racquel Borromeo Zach Schwartzman Daniv Veryana

Bandung, Indonesia 2019 IG: Possimiste


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