The Key-Collective project started in 2017, debuting in the independent record market with their first album called SYNCHRONICITY (2018).

The italian band, previously called Collective Sound, is formed by four producers and old friends, ADRIANO MAVERICK, NARROW LEONE, NIK HEARD and PAKY DEROSA, each of them with a different background and a long career in dance music, punk, clubbing and classic music. The band collaborates with other artists like AVIDALER, pseudonym of Valeria Ferrari, a cellist and a famous painter who makes a great contribution to the project. The covers are made and signed by the artist.


Once, at a dinner with friends, they decided to try to record something together, initially for fun. Their aim was to contaminate the sound trying to blend their different styles as much as they couldn’t imagine, giving a different imprinting at the same time. After seven months of studio work they gave a birth to Synchronicity, an album that primarily excited their own curiosity. The genre of the produced music is a pop punk that winks to electronic indie. This album includes ten tracks where the listener can perceive the different contaminations. The critics were positive and the album succeeded mostly in America and Brazil, even on digital platforms like SPOTIFY, the songs of SYNCHRONICITY album were present in more than 100 Playlist.

In 2019, after several reflections they decided to modify the previous project and to record the second album, this time addressing the sound to an introspective concept and, at an embryonal state, more alternative and refined. After several months of studio work the second album called FAIRY TALES. The sound of the ten tracks of this second work is mainly electronic with rhythms that range between TRIP-HOP and INDIETRONIC. The grooves are minimized and made fluid and powerful; oneiric voices and surreal sound structures converge in a unique container, that in its turn returns an engaging hypnotic sound, completely alternative in its direction. Thus, the project assumes a particular and stable identity and it is exclusively addressed to a sound alchemy where the contamination between several music genres doesn’t end on the surface, like today is happening everywhere, but tries to reach a deeper and alternative level for the listener instead. The KEY COLLECTIVE don’t want to be labeled with any music genres and if you ask them this question their answer will be: it’s music for sensations seekers!


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