Over the Counter Treatments for the Kinds of Hair Loss That Affect Women

Hair loss is never fun to experience. Just about all men experience hair loss as they age, with as many as two in three undergoing noticeable recession of the hairline before even hitting the age of forty. While the exact time of onset will vary from one person to another, pretty much every man can expect to lose hair well before retirement.

While many people are aware of the ubiquity of male pattern baldness and the like, fewer realize that hair loss is almost as much of a problem for women. In women, hair loss tends to be of a somewhat different character, with overall thinning of the scalp hair being much more common than the slow retreat of the hairline. Nonetheless, as many as forty percent of all women will deal with significant hair loss over the course of their lifetimes, and this issue can be even more devastating for them than for men.

Just as there are now many products on the market that aim at slowing the progress of male pattern baldness, there are also quite a few today that target the unique hair loss problems women experience. The Groei360 system, for example, has attracted lots of attention in recent times, with many women becoming intrigued by what it has to offer.

Like a number of competing products, Groei360 targets the scalp itself. Hair loss results from the malfunctioning or outright destruction of hair follicles, with these being specialized biological structures that are each responsible for producing a strand of hair. Relatively delicate compared to many other parts of the body, follicles tend to experience the stresses of aging in especially damaging ways.

Groei360 aims at improving the outlook for the scalp’s entire complement of follicles, nourishing them with substances that will give them the best possible chances of surviving for many years to come. Online groei360 reviews often seem to indicate that this strategy is an effective one, with many women claiming that the product slowed or even reversed their own hair loss problems. While no single treatment can claim to be a panacea, then, there is good reason to think that, just as with men, women do not need to accept hair loss as an inevitable fate.

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