Good Omega Jade next generation of artists

Keyword: Omega Jade Artist name: Omega Jade Raised in San Diego, California. Now residing in the Green State of Vermont. Omega Jade can be best described as the Jack ass of all trades. Her skills ranges from producing shows, doing stand up comedy and being an MC. While her comedy shows more of her dark…

Good Official Music Video by C.O.Z. – Success

C.O.Z. – SUCCESS ft. Breana Marin (Official Video) 2017(Prod by MANTRA) Official Music Video by C.O.Z. – Success ft Breana Marin Produced by Mantra Directed by Supergebar https://coz.hearnow.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/elevator-feat-vidal-garcia-single/1422020932?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Great DJ Bigbrand1 Music

Dj Bigbrand1 The summer of smelly arm pits Dj Bigbrand1 The Monochrome society https://audiomack.com/album/djbigbrand1/the-summer-of-smelly-arm-pits https://audiomack.com/song/brandon-nazon/the-monochrome-society

Good CNRG Seattle based songwriter and singer

LISTEN TO MY EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED SINGLE ‘POTENTIAL’ Artist name:CNrG ABOUT CNRG Seattle based songwriter and singer. http://www.cnrg.band/ Tweets by CNrG__ http://www.instagram.com/cnrg__

Rapper Earl “Ermonii Sanders is his name

Rapper Earl “Ermonii Sanders is his name. Rhyming is his game! Smoke was born in Meridian, MS. His passion is music and is inspired him to pursue his dreams. Music is his buzz. Ermonii is a member of an indie/ hip hop/ rap music movement called Sip EveryBody Eat. The main goal of our movement…

Great Jony Shelby Song I’m Not Ken

Jony Shelby I’m Not Ken Jony Shelby is the versatile producer / artist originally hailing from Baton Rouge. Explosively combining elements ranging from hip-hop to electronica, his creations are wildly distinct to say the least. With it’s unpredictable patterns and wild turns, Jony’s sound connects with listeners on a gut level, finding a common ground…

Good Sarah Bird Song Last Christmas

Sarah Bird Last Christmas (Acoustic) Sarah Bird is a professional vocalist and singer/songwriter from Leicester, UK. As well as writing music, Sarah performs all over the world (New York, Hong Kong and across Europe) at private events, speakeasies and even busking on the streets. Her partner and multi-instrumentalist Andy Robertson joins her on bass in…

Great Dell B – There She Go song

Dell B – There She Go ‘There She Go’ is the hot new independent release from upcoming independent Tallahassee, FL based hip-hop artist Dell B. Being an independent release it is hard for a single noticed but the new hip-hop single ‘There She Go’ by Dell B has already created a small buzz on social…

Good Gladstone B Song: Flame up

Artist: Gladstone B Song: Flame up Prod by: ChiiillSk8board Sndcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gladstoneb/flameup Label: Bless Percentage Bio: Gladstone Bless (born September 11, 19xx), Known as “Gladstone B” (1/2 of Bless Percentage other half producer “ChiiiLL Sk8board”), is an American Artist and songwriter from Watts, California. He began to gain traction after being released from state prison. Only…

Song “Gram Gram” by Young G Ball

Young G Ball “Gram Gram” by Young G Ball prod by Taylor King