Pain Medication that is Effective for Treating Stomach Ulcers

It is absolutely okay to pop a pill to get fast relief for normal pain, but with stomach ulcers, things are a bit different. The condition can be worsened by simply taking pills without or outside the doctor’s prescription. This is because the cause of these pains is an irritated stomach lining and these irritations can be aggravated by some OTC pain medications. Besides not all of them are without side effects. There are a resultant 103,000 hospitalizations from the side effects of OTC and common pain killers, yearly, according to the AGA. You can use both prescription drugs and OTC pain medications to manage pains due to stomach ulcers so long they are given by your doctor.


The fact that these medications don’t cause blood thinning, do not affect the stomach lining and are extremely effective in dealing with stomach ulcer pains is their biggest pro. Combining high doses of these drugs with caffeine or codeine, however, causes liver damage and kidney diseases. The way acetaminophen works seems to be by affecting the Chemicals that cause pain.


This medication which is under the NSAIDs category, travels through the bloodstream and blocks the chemicals that block pains. Aspirin’s biggest pro, which is the reason behind it’s “wonder drug” status is that it quickly relieves pain, reduces swelling and lowers the chances of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. It is the belief of some doctors, however, that aspirin could be responsible for ulcers and could therefore, worsen the situation.


This NSAID that blocks pain chemicals effectively lowers inflammation, works against fever and reduces pain. But this OTC drug should not be taken without you consulting with your doctor as it is known to cause and aggravate ulcers. With Ibuprofen, allergic reactions such as hives, facial swelling and others are possible. Gastrointestinal problems are also some of the risks of this medication.


Like Ibuprofen, this pain chemical blocking drug reduces fevers, pains and inflammation but should not also be taken without consulting with a certified doctor ( Luis Fandos ) as it causes stomach upsets, heartburn, pains and similar gastrointestinal issues most especially in people who take alcohol while taking this medication. This drug can cause birth defects in pregnant women.

Naproxen Sodium

The benefits and risks of this drug which blocks pain increasing chemicals are the same as those of Ketoprofen and Ibuprofen. The FDA’s most recent guidelines require that the risks of these three drugs be stated to the patient in plain, clear terms so they are informed and aware. These three drugs hamper the body’s natural healing process.

Prescription Pain Medication

Due to the fact that these painkillers are meant for very serious pain management and are stronger than others, they need the prescription of a doctor, as their names suggests. Addiction/dependency on these drugs is, however, common and their side effects are equally strong. Some prescription painkillers include Daypro, Indocine, Lodine, Naprosyn, Relafen, and Voltaren. There are serious side effects, like heart attacks, heart damage, overdose and stroke, which come with some of the popular prescription medications for effectively managing stomach ulcers. Narcotics are well known prescription medications notorious for their being addictive.

Stomach ulcers and the pain from the can be worsened by processed food, dairy products, foods with high sugars, spicy foods, alcohol, salty meat, soda and coffee.




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