The Life of a Concierge

As a successful Miami Beach concierge, I am often asked by friends and admirers how I like the lifestyle. Many are, I think, a little envious. Well, if you think it’s all glamour and high-pay, you are only partially correct. Yes, I enjoy going to Harry Winston’s to pick out a diamond necklace for the wife of a client who is too busy (or diffident) to do it himself. But I’m just as likely to be walking some mutt and picking up its poop. A good concierge accepts the yin and the yang of the job, enjoys the fun parts and charges plenty for the unpleasant bits. For instance, I have one elderly client who recently went to look at safe tubs and had one installed in her condominium. I help her bathe every day — not fun but well-compensated.

In a place like Miami Beach, you can easily charge $45 an hour and up, depending on the client and the task. Anything involving the personal hygiene of your client or your client’s pets will command a substantial surcharge, which they will gladly pay. I don’t think I need to go into details.  Another thing that wealthy mothers don’t mind spending money on is you taking her kids out for some adventure, say to the movies or an amusement park. The elite mothering class usually employs nannies, but many nannies are not equipped to handle these kinds of outings. That’s where a personal concierge comes in. If you drive a large car and know the best places to take kids so that Mommy can get over to the day spa for a few hours, you will be a hero.

Of course, a good personal concierge must be discreet. Never share the names of your clients with anyone, especially other clients. You must be like the three monkeys: see no evil, etc. Clients know that if you tattle on your other clients, you will tattle on them. And that is not good.

Being a personal assistant really doesn’t leave me much time for myself, as I am basically on call 24/7/365. Luckily, my needs are modest, and the pay helps me satisfy most of them. While you must keep a certain professional aspect to your relationships with clients, you will quickly find yourself befriending some of them and this makes the job a lot more fun. In a way, your clientele is your extended family, even though you charge them for the privilege. I say to the people who know me: don’t hate me for my success. Instead, walk a mile in my very comfortable and expensive shoes – you just may be surprised at the things people are willing to pay for.

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