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    The Story of MVMT Watches

    In 2013, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante drop out of college to found MVMT Watches. Their vision: high-quality, classically designed watches for a fraction of what high-end pieces normally cost. This is their story.

    Not only did they envision selling to the people, they started with the people. Over 60 days, the duo raised $220,000 through Indiegogo, the second most successful fashion campaign ever. And that was just the start.

    MVMT Watches, which offers high quality, classically designed watches for a fraction of what high-end pieces cost, began life as the second highest funded Indiegogo campaign of 2013. The watches, which are created with a minimalist look and worn professionally or casually, sell for less than half of those offered by competitors.

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    MVMT Watches:

    Special thanks:
    Jake Kassan
    Kramer Laplante


    Producer: Lucas Santo
    Director: Vinny Verma & Stuart Langfield
    Animation: Matt Smithson
    Sound Design: Marco Patricio
    Original Composition: Jim Guthrie
    Photography: Ali Khurshid
    Editor: Matthew Wiebe
    Wardrobe: Loretta MK
    Story Edit: Vinny Verma & Lucas Santo
    Location Audio: Jeffery Magat


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